Here are some of the things I see.

Sometimes I see them in focus, sometimes in colour, sometimes in a blur as though they’ve never been subjected to the discipline or the benign violence of a lens, and often in black and white.

Sometimes I don’t really see them at all. They’re just sort of there, and then they vanish just as quickly; beautiful, fragile temporal intervals that can’t be arrested, and that somehow find their way into my viewfinder.

I am interested in emotions, sensations, and memory. I like exploring nostalgia, cliché and beautiful melancholy, and pretty much anything else in which memory or history is entangled.

I like space, sometimes flattening three-dimensional space to explore its textures in a canvas-like manner, playing with the photograph as a surface and nothing more than a surface.

I like thinking about our experiences of space, our relationships with it, and how these are temporally mediated. I like the ways we organise ourselves in space, sometimes parodying its formal organisation with the patterns we create only to disturb the order with a sudden, beautiful, unrestrained moment of pure life that breathes some magic into the order and freshens things up. People and their patterns, their disruptions to patterns, matter out of place, and weed that spring up between the cracks are all things that I adore.

I don’t much care for the excesses of photography, particularly where it becomes voyeuristic or intrusive. For this reason I like images that find a way to hold something back. I don’t want to x-ray the world with a high contrast, high megapixel camera pointed straight down strangers’ throats. I want a little mystique and mystery in the world, maybe a little beauty. At such times I just want an image as a surface that perhaps holds something back or perhaps as a surface that simply has nothing deeper to conceal or reveal. For this reason I also like the inscrutable magic of shadows with their insistent anamorphisms; forms that bend themselves at will but that never can be broken, wil-o’-wisp like apparitions that always seem to know what they are even when they withhold it from us.

I also like things that are a little absurd, and a little abstract.

And my name is David.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there David, just popping over to say many thanks for the follow on my own wee blog – really appreciated and great to welcome you aboard. Any suggestions, constructive criticism just drop me a line or add on comment ion my blog. Having read the above, interested to see your work, have a great week. MM 🍀

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« Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph » – Andre Kertesz

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