Men in hats

Filmothèque on rue Champollion in Paris is the place to go for classic movies including those made in the days before it was all cgi, when film still seemed to have some authentic magic. Sometimes they show even older films, made in the days when real men wore hats. This is an old photograph, taken when I walked past and spotted this dapper looking hat-wearer tarrying with the fantasies of the silver screen some time around November or December 2010.


3 thoughts on “Men in hats”

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Vera, which you expressed much more clearly than I would have but which get right to the heart of what I was trying to do with this photograph. That’ll be the writer in you! Experiences of time really interest me, so I appreciated your comment.

      1. Thank you David. It takes a long life to realize things about time and different times with different meanings. You captured that instinctively. I have lived it.

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